group fitness classes in Oakleigh South
09 April, 2024

Group Fitness Classes - Everything You Need to Know

Group training is a more structured way of training. Ever feel like you go into a gym and struggle to know what exercises to do and how much of each to do? Well, we’ve taken that complicated process out of your hands and effectively given you your own personal trainer who will map everything out for you. We love group training because it gives you accountability; we tell you the exact times you can come in and exactly how long you need to stay. You will find yourself going past whatever limits you had for yourself, and with a great group of people around you, you are sure to bring your best every session. We pride ourselves on the motivation and camaraderie we get from all our members. We love to focus on proper form and a fun, dynamic session. It makes it the perfect way to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Even though you get all the benefits of a private trainer, you get this at a fraction of the cost with a great community around you.

group fitness class in Oakleigh South

Group Fitness Activities-

Circuit training classes

Circuit training classes are a type of group fitness class that involves you moving around different stations with minimal rest in between.

Kettlebell classes

Use kettlebells of different weights for a total-body workout. Using these uniquely shaped weights, we are able to work on strength, balance, and flexibility all at the same time.

Core workout classes

are an essential part of the gym experience. Although we do not specifically dedicate workouts to your core (which includes your abs, lower back, and hips), they will receive a great burn in every compound and many isolated movements we do. A strong core is vital to making sure you have good balance and, most importantly, can help avoid and rehabilitate a lot of injuries.

Elevate Your Fitness with Group Classes at Strong Side Studio

If you're looking for a fitness journey that includes community support, personalised training and a variety of options, Strong Side Studio in Oakley South is the place to go. Participate in high-performance group training, group workouts, and specialised strength classes for every fitness level. You will strengthen mentally with a supportive community and grow physically as you become more motivated to work towards whatever fitness goals you’re working on. Start your fitness journey with Strong Side Studio and build a healthy habit.